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Lubbock, Texas

Plenty of songs have been written about Texas, Texas Cowboys, Texas beauties, and even Texas honky tonks. So out of that fabulous five what’s the one thing that’s so obviously missing?  Why you’re Texas Truck of course!  But maybe you forgot to mention your truck because it’s not the sparkling ride it once was.  Too much work in your truck?  Has it met with the side of a signpost, or did it have a kissing cousin session with your buddy’s car?  Well if it did you need to seek out auto body repair that will have you singing again.  Still not convinced?  Think all auto body shops are the same?  


Well think again. At Texas Body & Frame in Lubbock, TX we’ll have you’re beauty back on the road and looking right as she did the day you picked her up.  We know here In Lubbock people work hard and they play hard. Sometimes that means we’re harder on our vehicles than we plan on being.  Well at Texas Body & Frame we aren’t like other auto body shops, no sir. We have invested in the most up to date technology available. So if you’re vehicle’s body has seen better days, bring your ride over to Texas Body & Frame and expect the best.

Texas Body & Frame


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